Welcome to The Translational research and Professional Leadership centre (TPLC)
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The center takes up activities which are socially relevant and also for promoting transformational leadership. The M.Tech Programme caters to the interests of all different disciplines in which the students are present. Students have to undergo mandatory requirements of social service and responsible engineering. Education which inculcates social responsibility and wise leadership is the need of the hour. This demands an education system which sensitizes individuals to local issues, and enables them to think beyond borders of individual disciplines, castes, departments etc.

About TPLC

The Translational research and Professional Leadership centre (TPLC) was formed in 2014 realizing the need for sharing knowledge between research institutions and government departments/industry for facilitating the transfer of research results specifically for the benefit of the society. In parallel, it has become clear that research institutions need to play a more active role in their relationship with industry in order to maximize the use of the research results. It has been recognized that the involvement of government departments/industry in the discussions and mentoring of research institutions can help to orient research and education activities towards the needs of society, bring expertise to support knowledge transfer activities, and signal willingness to introduce innovation-oriented approaches in all activities. The professionals working on such knowledge transfer must possess a wide range of skills in order to carry out their tasks effectively. They should also prove themselves to be responsible engineers with a strong social commitment coupled with ethical values. There is also a need for existing resources to be made more accessible. This can be partially achieved through co-ordination.

TPLC aims in promoting Translational Research through interdisciplinary teams. This is facilitated by means of M.Tech in Translational Engineering which is quite different from conventional M.Tech Programmes.

Need For TPLC

The State Funded Institutions have a responsibility to be knowledge providers to the society to solve the regional problems of the society. Presently, there is very poor understanding of development agenda among the professionals. There is an urgent need for Higher Education Institutions to transform itself into Regional Knowledge generators. This Center can act in closer co-ordination between regional needs of society and various Government agencies in terms of knowledge production. It can aid in the re-orientation of the conduct of research & pedagogy in engineering and technology to meet the knowledge requirements of the society. It also should focus on introducing the development agenda within academic discourses and processes.

TPLC can work towards bringing the inter-disciplinarity required in the modern engineer, especially for a developing country like ours. It can foster partnership between regional Institutions and public and private agencies. This will lead to better development outcomes through better knowledge, thereby bridging the gap between research and practice. Presently the development outcomes are stagnant or worsening at all levels. So, effective research system should be developed by involving citizens, public representatives and various Government agencies.

TPLC will act as an agency to inculcate a scientific thinking in the society, which is lacking at present. This can be done by creating a lot of engagement activities between state agencies and the Academia.

The syllabus and research practices in higher education institutions should be made complementary and matching with development activities and students should be trained to become skilled manpower required for the various future development schemes in the State. There is an urgent need to transform the implementation process of various schemes through research. TPLC aims to support the Government in this matter.

Present situation in society also calls for creating a State –level database with respect to research and maintain ina way which can be accessible to common public. TPLC, through M.Tech in Translational Engineering and various other programs, focus on supporting the Government in this matter.

The Road to Global Excellence is always through solving concrete regional problems initially. TPLC will pave way to create space in current academic programs for inter-disciplinary development engineering and allow for evolvement of cross-disciplinary faculty, needed very much for the present society. Thus, this is a small step to transform our Higher Education Institutions into Regional knowledge providers, foster inter-disciplinary research, empowering engineers with value-based leadership qualities and fostering better co-ordination between Higher Education Institutions and Government agencies.


The Translational research and Professional Leadership Centre has focused its activities on “Engineering for a Changing World”. Basically, it has streamed its activities into three major areas which the engineering profession is greatly in need of at this juncture:

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