Welcome to The Translational research and Professional Leadership centre (TPLC)


Classroom with international standards

A fully air conditioned classroom has been set up with integrated speakers, podium with inbuilt microphone and recording facility, additional collar and wireless microphones, and roof mounted projector for the best teaching and learning experience.

Video Conferencing System

The students of the Translational Engineering programme are able to interact with the professors and experts of the National and International Universities anywhere in the world with the help of the high definition video conferencing system installed in the classroom of Translational Engineering at the TPLC centre. This facility helps in giving an international exposure to the students.

Lecture Capturing System

Professors from the national and international institutes, experts from industry and social organizations deliver lectures to the students of Translational Engineering. A lecture capturing facility is installed in the classroom which help in recording the lectures automatically in the server installed at the college. The students will be able to access the lectures even if they miss a lecture and it will be also be helpful for preparation of exams. This facility in the course of time will help to create a digital library of good lecturers which will be very helpful to the students of the programme

Computer Lab

A computer lab is set up in the Centre with 20 computers and a computer server with high speed internet facility for carrying out the lab experiments, accessing the E-Journals and web browsing

E-book reader

18 Amazon Kindles have been purchased for reading the thousands of E-books available in the internet. The kindle is issued to the students and teachers of TPLC like the library books

Library facility

A small library has been set up in the TPLC Centre with Engineering, Ethics and Personal Development books for the benefit of the students of Translational Engineering in addition to the College Library facility

Facilities for better service to the students

Other facilities for the better service to the students include Water filter and water cooler/heater, DSLR camera and Camcoder for the documentation of the activities

Multidisciplinary labs

The students are given hand on sessions on multi-disciplinary laboratories in the college