Welcome to The Translational research and Professional Leadership centre (TPLC)

Message from the coordinator

Dr. Suja R.
Associate Professor

The current state of affairs in our nation stresses the importance of bridging the gap between research and practice. It calls for the involvement of the best scientists, engineers, analysts, planners, architects, politicians and economists. It also calls for the involvement of students and professionals from multiple disciplines to come together so that the collective knowledge can be put together to address the social issues. The results of the research/analysis are expected to be highly valuable information that can be used by decision makers, politicians, authorizing and funding parties to make the best practical decisions, justify their decisions, and also to give accountability to the time, money and resources utilized in the process of implementing the right solutions. The program is focused for the overall development of the target group in core areas like Translational skills, technical expertise, managerial & soft skill abilities, together with including a strong sense of social responsibility and professional ethics. The ultimate focus of this course is to aim at a total transformation of the abilities, attitudes and apprehensions of the engineers for the overall benefit of the society. With these ideas in focus, the Translational research & Professional Leadership Centre was envisioned at GEC Barton Hill.