Welcome to The Translational research and Professional Leadership centre (TPLC)
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Guiding Principles Of TPLC

  • Recognising the need to transform the engineers into creative designers and innovators, agents of change, master integrators, technology stewards and knowledge handlers
  • Recognition of the new emerging discipline of “Translational Engineering” which focus on bridging the gap between research & practice.
  • Need to enhance the ability of engineers to function better in multi-disciplinary teams
  • Need to imbibe an understanding of professional & ethical responsibility
  • Ensuring a broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global /societal context
  • Need to enhance the ability to identify, formulate & solve engineering problems based on societal needs
  • Recognition of increasing stress on soft skills & communication skills for engineering professionals
  • Recognition of importance of Transnational Education and collaboration in the present era

Hence, TPLC aims in achieving far greater diversity among participants in engineering, the roles and types of engineers needed by our nation and the programs engaged in preparing them for professional practice. For this, TPLC plans to work closely with industry and professional societies with a higher aim of preparing the students for a lifetime of further learning rather than just professional practice. The engineering community should commit the resources, programs and leadership necessary to enable participation in engineering to achieve a bold, ethical and concerted action that is necessary to sustain and enhance the profession of engineering consistent with the Indian values and philosophy. The M. Tech Program in Translational Engineering is working towards this goal and the Centre is all set to start the program this academic year. One of the major focus of TPLC is to make “a young person’s enhanced understanding of his or her potential as an agent of change in the world”.

TPLC is moving forward in this direction:

  1. To provide students with in-depth research experience alongside international experts in their field of investigation
  2. To help students observe and require experiential knowledge of culture-specific drivers of technology, innovation and policies that governs the nation and other countries.
  3. To enable students to solve real world problems through innovative research
  4. To produce a diverse group of future leaders who are able to translate research into practice.
  5. To approach engineering work with a greater understanding of what it takes to move a technological advance from the laboratory to society.
  6. The modules being developed for action are focused on development of professional skills, translational skills and an innovative mind set.

TPLC will serve as a nurturing ground for moulding engineers with value-based leadership skills as leading in today’s dynamic, global, and multi-generational world provides new challenges and requires innovative new approaches to leadership. TPLC plans to design a new Certificate program in Transformational leadership, in association with IITM. TPLC exists to see individuals realize their God-given potential for leadership in every sphere of society. The entire world realizes that at this time of increasing complexity, leaders across sectors and geographies recognize that the work of a leader involves far more than driving results and delivering numbers. The 20th century “command-and-control” approach no longer works effectively in many settings. To affect change, today’s leaders must be able to articulate clear purpose and organizational values, create a shared vision, and build organizations that rely upon the skills of communication, collaboration and teamwork, in addition to effective decision-making. More than anything else, leaders today must be able to enlist the engagement of those whom they lead. This is a small step we have taken to be an agent of change in this society. We are positive that more hands will join us to realize this dream.