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MTech Program in Translational Engineering

The M Tech Program in Translational Engineering is working towards this goal and the Centre is all set to start the program this academic year. One of the major focus of TPLC is to make “A young person’s enhanced understanding of his or her potential as an agent of change in the world”.

TPLC is moving forward in this direction:
  1. To provide students with in-depth research experience alongside international experts in their field of investigation.
  2. To help students observe and require experiential knowledge of culture-specific drivers of technology, innovation and policies that governs the nation and other countries.
  3. To enable students to solve real world problems through innovative research.
  4. To produce a diverse group of future leaders who are able to translate research into practice.
  5. To approach engineering work with a greater understanding of what it takes to move a technological advance from the laboratory to society.
  6. The modules being developed for action are focused on development of professional skills, translational skills and an innovative mind set.

The students of M Tech Translational engineering are trained in following specialized courses
Project Management
Translational Research
Massive Open Online Courses
Geographic Information Systems
Renewable Energy Systems
Waste to energy conversion
Urban ecology and Environment
Science and Technology Policy Analysis
City and Regional Planning and Management
Security in Computing
Continuum Mechanics
Applied hydrology
Solid Waste Management
Transformative Leadership