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Translational Research and Professional Leadership Centre [TPLC] is an interdisciplinary centre functioning at Government Engineering College Barton Hill under the Directorate of Technical Education, since 2015, with the introduction of the interdisciplinary postgraduate program in Translational Engineering. The program is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and affiliated to APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University. Out of 18 seats, presently 8 seats are reserved for sponsored candidates working in Government departments.

Along with the M.Tech. program, the Centre facilitates internship programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students, with the support of Higher Education Department and ASAP, offers training programs for students, faculty and professionals in the areas of social relevance as well as leadership, self-awareness etc. The centre has also been involved in the DPR preparation of a few Government Projects, with the involvement of a dedicated interdisciplinary team and students.

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The centre has also been involved in the DPR preparation of a few Government Projects, with the involvement of a dedicated interdisciplinary team and students. The Centre functions in collaboration with a few premier institutes such as IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, etc., Research organisations like NIIST, NCESS, KSREC ,Government departments like Tourism department , Irrigation Department , Local Self Government departments , Kerala Water Authority, Krishi Vigyana , KIIFB, K-DISC etc, autonomous departments like Integrated Rural Technology Centre, Palakkad, various NGO’s like Thanal, Dhruvansh , private institutions like Pelican Biotech and Chemical Labs, BIMLABS, Project Management Institute - Kerala chapter etc. The centre has been able to bring up four start-ups from among the M.Tech. Translational Engineering students, out of which three were incubated in the college campus itself and received many recognitions from Govt. of India and Startup mission. The Centre has also now embarked into the product making phase with one product handed over to District Administration, Kottayam, one patent being filed and one product research going on.


To present, discuss and debate the transformation of basic knowledge into ideas and candidates for translation so as to deliver sustainable

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innovative products and services for the benefit of society.

To empower the student community with professional, ethical and social awareness, there-by moulding them to become smart and wise         professionals with global outlook and social commitment.

To analyse the social, political, economic and cultural aspects under the technology umbrella.


To build Responsible Engineers who hold paramount importance to the health, safety and welfare of the general public.

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To inculcate the concept of sustainability and green technologies in Engineering disciplines.

To sensitize students to the practical challenges that organizations face and understand the nuances and realities of the industry apart         from technical knowledge.

To inculcate the spirit of working in multi- disciplinary teams and gain on-the-job experience through active and challenging work on real         engineering projects.

To foster creative talents, innovative research, self-awareness and life-long learning.

Words of


Ardra S Nair

TPLC has provided me with new horizons to explore and played a major role in shaping me to a social entrepreneur. If you are a passionate social engineer who wants to create a change in the society, being a part of TPLC will surely lay the foundation.

Abhijith S

The journey with TPLC has been incredible and I feel happy that I could associate with this department. Translational Engineering has taught us the importance of multidisciplinary approach.

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The 2 month internship programme at TU Delft gave a global exposure and also ideas for entrepreneurship. Translational Engineering projects the importance and teachings of multiple fields of engineering to build solutions ultimately benefiting the society. It is high time that every engineer upholds the interdisciplinary approach in executing their projects.

Jithu Narayanan K

It was indeed a breakthrough for my life. Some points I would like to mention here, I appreciate the objectives of this course, in fact the objectives may take time to implement with its 100% clarity.

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To understand the specific problem in society and identify the key issues involved, then only we can formulate the solution. Exact training for Problem pitching is very rare, and it is the core of Translational Engineering. TPLC can really contribute socially committed entrepreneurs rather than a jobseeker

Soumya R Chandran

Being the first batch student, with pride I would say that this program would help in achieving the best version of oneself. The entire curriculum of the program is designed in such a way that along

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with the regular technical subjects, students are also trained to on how to become socially responsible and also to act beneficial for the society, with novel subjects such as Social, Responsible and Ethical Engineering. This program is also a platform for interacting with several academic scholars and experienced industry specialists from all across the globe.

Anju K

I really thank the whole TPLC team to make me evolve as a butterfly from a sleeping caterpillar form in the beginning. The achievement l scored while receiving best award for mini project and

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best outgoing student happened only with the support of the mentors. Still the value addition from the classes of eminent guest faculties/personalities and internship at TU delft stands topmost in my memories. Wishing all success for the new batch.

Monica Dev M

The best part of my life is joining TPLC. Not only the academics, this place helped me a lot to overcome all my fears and shaped me a person who is willing to take risks and explore new every

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opportunities in my life. The training programs and social activities which they provided helped me to introspect myself and work towards my goals. I am very grateful to all my teachers who helped me to become a successful person.

Saranya S

The life at TPLC was indeed a new beginning in my life. It made me a strong and bold individual ready to face all ups and downs in the corporate world.

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I am grateful to all the faculties and staff at TPLC for helping me face the real world and moulding me into the successful business consultant that I am now. I will forever be in debt with the TPLC family for all those experiences and love.

Malini S Sam

Translational Engineering will help translate the problems and concerns of practice into clear, need based statements that can drive

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researchers to develop new insights. It is an approach applicable to each branch of Engineering, retaining the nature and scope of the respective branch of Engineering, bringing in an additional multi -disciplinary aspect. The emphasis is on problem-solving based on thorough understanding of the underlying principles with students obtaining a wide skill set that is of benefit to society.

Abhijith K M

The role TPLC had in grooming me from a normal ordinary person to be an entrepreneur was great. The two year course took me to a different level

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of exposure that gave me a competitive advantage in all areas. The care, the love and the guidance provided by the team TPLC and the teachers are true from their heart and has created a lot of positive effect on me.

Parvathy Mukesh K

M.Tech in Translational Engineering is predominantly focusing on the uplifting of our society. One main speciality concerned with MTech programme

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MTech programme is different age group under one umbrella. It gives higher opportunity to undergo abroad for internship purpose and we can interact with global mentors. According to my thesis the networking with different disciplines helped me a lot. Integrating the responsibility and ethics quality gives a different perspective for M.Tech Translational Engineering.


Responsibility Camps

Camp at IRTC, Mundoor, Palakkad

Camp at Neknampur Lake, Hyderabad

Camp at Munroe Island, Kollam